Our Kitchen

In the Piker kitchen, we combine the finest and purest ingredients with unsurpassed culinary magic. Each and every product represents a tradition in fine Southern cooking.

Catering Services

Feliciana Delights has now added catering services to its many other areas. We provide meals from 12-50 people. We have a wide variety of menu items. Included with each are the place settings. We service the following areas: Amite, Baker, Baton Rouge, Clinton, Greensburg, Hammond, Natchez, and Zachary. A sample of our menu can be seen by clicking the following link Catering Menu.

Gift Baskets

Feliciana Delights also makes gift packages containing our various products. We ship anywhere in the continental United States. Prices vary and are based on the product(s) used in the basket plus shipping and handling. We will be happy to fax you a copy of some standard gift baskets.

Fig Preserves

We preserve whole figs in the "old fashion way". They are made using Celeste figs and are available in pint jars.

Jellies and Jams

The jellies and jams are made from fruits grown on the farm. Some fruits are obtained wild in the woods. Mayhaw jelly is one of the favorite jellies. Incidentally, mayhaw jelly is the state jelly of Louisiana. Some people will eat no other jelly. Its flavor is distinct and different. The blackberry and crabapple jelly is made from wild fruit we gather ourselves. Recently we have started marketing a no sugar added muscadine jam after approximately two years research. We should have a no sugar added jelly shortly. These products have an excellent flavor for people who must restrict their sugar intake. A small amount of Equal* is added to the natural muscadine juice. We preserve whole figs in the "old fashion way". They are made using Celeste figs and are available in pint jars. *Equal is the registered trademark of Nutrasweet Company (contains Phenylalanine)

Cajun Snapper Hot

Sauce Cajun Snapper Sauce is a hot sauce made using cayenne peppers for the base. However, the difference is the spices that are used. It is not extremely hot but the flavor imparted to soups, gumbos, fish, vegetables, and red beans and rice is unbelievable! It is made from an 1860's recipe when it was first made in Port Hudson, Louisiana after the Civil War. It was sold commercially for only a short time. It has been made for our family and friends. However, many friends asked that this product be added to the Feliciana Delights product line. We feel you will find it the best-flavored sauce available at this time!

buddies recommending me

"It is my pleasure to write and thank you for the excellent services you provided for our group. The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing."
Mike B.
They were friendly, upbeat and very accommodating! My friends all said how great the food was. The food was fresh, properly prepared and a great value for the price. We highly recommend it."
Gertrude A.